Children are never too young to hear about Jesus, and workers in the First Church Nursery take their roles seriously. Even babies can understand God’s love for them and how important it is to be a part of the church family. The First Church Nursery is a positive environment that continually reinforces these simple, yet important messages.

Our nursery is designed to facilitate children’s personal relationships with Jesus Christ and the Word. The mission of this ministry includes nurturing and care-giving, fostering skill-building through relevant Bible teaching, and positive role-modeling.

The nursery is open for all church services and for many special events.

Nursery Procedures

Nursery coordinators receive children 10 minutes prior to service or event times. As each child arrives, he or she is signed in onto a registration list. At this time, coordinators collect and note any specific information pertinent to each child’s care. Pagers are assigned to each parent or guardian, which will be activated if a child is in need of attention.

Children may only be released to a parent or guardian.