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  • Exterior

    Welcome to First Church! Located at 7512 Charlotte Pike, we pray that you find a home here with our church family. We have ample parking available and two canopy entrances for passenger drop-off during inclement weather. The primary entrance to the church is underneath the large arched window in the center of the building.

  • Lobby 1

    Upon entering our building, you’ll see the entrance to the sanctuary directly in front of you. Our hosts and hostesses are in this area prior to every worship service to assist you with your needs.

  • Lobby 2

    As you enter the church through the main entrance, our Welcome Center will be directly on your right. This is where you can find more information about the many ministries at First Church as well as pertinent information for the day’s activities. To your left is the Spirit & Truth Bookstore, which is open 15 minutes prior to and 15 minutes following every worship service

  • Sanctuary

    Our beautiful sanctuary is the central location for worship at First Church. Other seasonal musicals and special events are also held in this space.

  • Jonah and the Whale

    Heading down the hallway, past the bookstore, the first classroom on your right is where our 8- and 9- year old Sunday School class meets. Jonah and the Whale is just one of the many outstanding murals located throughout our children’s classrooms.

  • Child Check-in

    Straight ahead is the entrance to our area for our youngest family members. If your child is 5 years or younger, be sure to visit this check-in station to register your child for worship and child care.

  • Nursery

    Our nursery provides care all morning for children ages 6 weeks to 2 years.

  • Safari Room

    Our 2- to 3-year-olds spend every Sunday morning in the Safari Room.

  • Noah’s Ark

    The Noah’s Ark room is where our 3- and 4-year-olds learn and play on Sunday mornings.

  • Jesus Loves the Children

    Our 5- and 6-year-olds spend Sunday mornings in their classroom, which bears a mural of Jesus calling the little children.

  • David & Goliath

    Leaving the young children area and heading down the hallway, our 7-year-olds spend the Sunday School time in their classroom, which features David & Goliath.

  • Kids Church Room

    Every Sunday morning beginning at 11 a.m., children ages 6-11 move from their respective Sunday School rooms to enjoy an age appropriate service here. It’s a favorite for all of our First Church children!

  • Stars & Stripes Room

    This patriotic room, around the corner from the Kids Church Room, is where our children ages 9-11 spend the Sunday School hour.

  • Cafe

    Our First Church Café hosts the Connect Point Life Class for newcomers and a number of other dinners and special events during the week.

  • Kitchen

    It’s often said that the kitchen is the heart of the home. At First Church, it’s the heart of our church too.

  • Activity Center

    The Activity Center hosts weekly Life Classes, International Services, wedding rehearsals and church dinners. It’s a multipurpose space that is very valuable to our church family.

  • Multicultural Church

    One portion of the Activity Center is used multiple times on Sunday to host worship services for our three multicultural congregations that meet at First Church.

  • Vision 1

    Continuing around the hall, our Senior High students meet on Sunday mornings in the Vision Student Ministries space.

  • Vision 2

    Throughout the week, the Vision Student Ministries room hosts a myriad of student events for both junior and senior high students, ranging from classes to game nights and small group meetings.

  • Prayer Chapel

    Our prayer chapel is accessible 24 hours a day for prayer.

  • The Gate

    Working toward completing the hallway circle, our junior high students meet for their Life Class, known as The Gate, every Sunday morning in this room.

  • Hyphen

    Next to The Gate classroom is Hyphen, the meeting space for our Sunday morning Life Class for young adults, both college and career age.