• 1941

    In The Beginning

    First Church begin meeting in a tent under the leadership of founding Pastor Rev. J. W. Wallace

  • 1942

    First Meeting

    First Church begins meeting in a basement

  • 1946

    New Church Building

    New church building dedicated on 51st and Delaware

  • 1954

    Rev. J. O. Wallace

    Rev. J. O. Wallace elected pastor

  • 1956

    Rev. L. H. Benson

    Rev. L. H. Benson elected pastor

  • 1960

    Rev. C. M. Becton

    Rev. C. M. Becton elected pastor

  • 1962

    New Church Building Planned

    New church building planned for 5100 Wyoming Ave.

  • 1969

    Rev. R. A. Newstrand

    Rev. R. A. Newstrand elected pastor

  • 1969

    Rev. W. Bryan Welborn

    Rev. W. Bryan Welborn elected pastor

  • 1971

    Rev. J. A. Boutwell

    Rev. J. A. Boutwell elected pastor

  • 1975

    Rev. C. M. Becton Returns

    Rev. C. M. Becton returns as pastor

  • 1982

    Rev. Ron Becton

    Rev. Ron Becton elected pastor

  • 1986

    First Church Doubles Square Footage

    First Church doubles square footage with expansion at 5100 Wyoming

  • 2000

    New Land for New Campus

    Land is purchased and plans begin for new campus (2000-2004)

  • 2004

    Breaking New Ground

    Ground breaking on new church property at 7512 Charlotte Pike

  • 2005

    Ribbon Cutting at Charlotte Pike

    Ribbon cutting and dedication at new church property at 7512 Charlotte Pike

  • 2005

    Membership and Ministries Expand

    2005 - 2013: Membership and Ministries expand at First Church

  • 2012

    30th Anniversary of Pastor Ron Becton

    First Church celebrates 30th pastoral anniversary of Pastor & Mrs. Ron Becton

  • 2016

    75th Anniversary Celebration

    Celebrating 75 Years of Ministry in Nashville Tennessee 1941-2016

  • 2016

    Dukes join First Church Staff

    Roy & Carla Duke join First Church Staff

  • 2019

    Rev. Roy Duke

    Rev. Roy Duke elected Pastor, January 30, 2019

  • 2019

    Rev. Ron Becton

    Rev. Ron Becton elected Bishop, January 30, 2019